Sightseeing and special shops

Historic Town Hall (‘t Oude Stadhuys)

Gouda’s historic Town Hall right in the middle of the Market Place is world-famous. The Town Hall still is the lively centre of the town.


Zakkendragershuisje Gouda

Saint John’s Cathedral and Gouda Windows

Saint John’s Cathedral is with 123 meters the longest church in the Netherlands. The 70 stained glass windows (de Goudse Glazen) make it even more renown. Don’t forget to pay a visit!


Gouda Museum and maquette

In Gouda Museum you will find, amongst others, beautiful altarpieces, which were saved from Saint John’s Cathedral during the Dutch Reformation. The interesting and detailed maquette shows you Gouda in 1562. To this day, the medieval street plan has remained unchanged.


The Gouda shop

A nice shop at one of Gouda’s main shopping streets. Practically all products originate from our town, are made by one or our inhabitants or are connected to Gouda. You can buy small gift packages and genuine Gouda souvenirs.


Gouda Cheese Experience

Gouda Cheese in the Gouda Cheese Experience! Situated in a historical building in the City centre you can interactively travel through the world of Gouda Cheese and enjoy our world-famous product.


Gouda Cheese weighing house (Goudse Kaaswaag)

Built in 1668 by the famous architect Pieter Post the historical front facade shows a fine tableau of carrara marble with a depiction of the weighing of cheese. In the weighing house you will find a cheese museum and the tourist office.


Museum Harbour and Mallegats Sluice

The Mallegats Sluice is one of the historic sluices that connect the river Hollandse Ijssel with the river Gouwe. The Museum Harbour is situated right next to it. The Sluice, played a major role in the inundation of Holland in disaster year 1672, the start of the Franco-Dutch War.


Jerusalem Chapel (Jerusalemkapel)

restored so called Jerusalem Chapel, originally consecrated in 1504 by priest Gijsbert Raet to express gratitude for his safe return from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.


Fish Halls (Visbanken)

On this location, on both sides of the river Gouwe, fishmongers traded their merchandise. At the corner of the Peperstraat, next to the Fish Halls, Baker Kamphuisen introduced around 1800 the renown Gouda Syrup Waffle.