The Gouda Guild of Guides


The Gouda Guild of Guides (Goudse Gidsen Gilde / GGG)


About us
The Gouda Guild of Guides is by far the largest provider of guided city walks in Gouda. We are a non-profit association. Our sole purpose is to bring the history of Gouda to the attention of our visitors. Walks can be booked on a daily bases and conducted at any day or time our visitor prefers.
We hold close working relationships with our Tourist Office (VVV), the Municipality of Gouda and historical buildings like the Town Hall (Stadhuys), Saint John’s Cathedral and Municipal Museum Gouda.
To help preserve the historical value of our town, we are, together with other cultural and historical organisations, member of ‘Historisch Platform Gouda’ (HPG).

History GGG
Until 2012 the Gouda Tourist Office organized the city walks in our town. After its bankruptcy in January 2012, this cultural service suddenly disappeared. Some former VVV guides took up the challenge and started the Gouda Guild of Guides, with the sole aim to organize and conduct city walks. In the last 7 years the GGG grew into a thriving and active association.

Our guides
Our staff consists of 20 well educated and enthusiastic men and women. Together we offer profound expertise on a wide variety of cultural topics and stories, a knowledge that we gladly share during our walks. Our aim is to make our visitors excited about our town, and make them feel welcome!