Events in Gouda



Gouda Cheese Market (Gouda kaasmarkt)

On Thursday mornings during the season you can witness how Gouda cheese was traded in the way it used to be. Historic cheese brigs come and go, the cheese is weighed and traders negotiate for the best possible price.


Gouda by Candlelight (Gouda bij kaarslicht)

A top event of national reputation. Every year, on the second Friday of December, numerous charming activities create a fairy-like atmosphere in the historic Town centre. The program starts at 12:00 o’clock and between 19:00 and 20:00 the Market Place is lit with thousands of candles.


Erasmus’ Day (Zotte zaterdag)

During a Saturday in October the historical centre is cloaked in a Medieval atmosphere, adorned with many activities, old crafts, theatre and lots more. You will go back to 1511, the year during which Erasmus – child of Gouda – came out with his famous book ‘The Praise of Folly’.


Gouda Brocante Market (Goudse Montmartre)

As the name presupposes: on this Montmarte-like market in the Town centre you can find all kinds of unique bric-à-brac merchandise, from antique furniture to extravagant clothes. Gouda Brocante Market takes place every Wednesday from Mai until September.


Gouda ceramic festival (Goudse Keramiekdagen)

Every year on Ascension Day and the day after the Gouda ceramic festival is organised on the Market Place, with international participants. You will find stalls with a wide variety of all sorts of ceramic and pottery, as well as various activities and contests e.g. the rotation of the tallest vase.


Weekmarkets (Weekmarkten)

Throughout the year, on every Thursday morning and Saturday, the commodity market takes place around the Historic Town Hall.